Nazar NFT

A Collection with a Social Purpose of Distributing All Profits to Designers!

What is Nazar?

What is “Nazar” NFT?

“Nazar” can be translated to English as “evil eye”. The evil eye is a cultural belief that is believed to cause trouble to a living or non-living being. Cultures, people, or countries have developed their own amulets for thousands of years to ward off the evil eye. Although this belief has a common symbol, there is no single truth or design.

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Purpose of NAZAR

The world of NFT is developing day by day. But in this world, most of the projects focus on the wrong target; money. Nazar NFT does not aim to make a profit and for that reason sales will be given to the designer who produced the purchased work.

Nazar NFT aims to bring talented designers together with the world of Blockchain and NFT. In addition, Nazar NFT brings together people from different backgrounds and perspectives, paving the way for new projects and quality information flow.

Last but not least it protects all of us from the evil eye ;)

Nazar NFT Designer Team

The whole Nazar NFT team comes together on the Discord channel. In this channel, developers provide training and technical infrastructure, designers show their creativity, and the rest of the team works on the operation.The first phase designers of Nazar NFT have been determined, but this is not the end! Nazar NFT will work in other phases to bring new designers to the ecosystem.

If you want to join us, you can register by submiting a form here!

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Why Stargaze Marketplace?

We no longer have to be doomed to the hegemony of imitating chains and the identical NFT marketplaces they produce. We are sure that Stargaze will move all the stones as a community-owned interchain marketplace.

Why Nazar Has No Sharp Roadmap?

Nazar NFT has no sharp roadmap and only a holly purpose. The roadmap will be determined by the designers.

Nazar NFT will never distribute free NFTs.